BCC Lanka Limited

Chairman                     Mr. R.P.S Pushpakumara

Board Members          Ms. Akalanka Wickramasinghe

Executive Staff

Manager – Personnel and Administration/ Chief Accountant – Mr. S M C W Ranjan

Supply Manager – Mrs. K P D Malika

Human Resources Executive/Acting Marketing Manager – Mr. P A Jayathilaka

Factory Manager – Mr. K K De Silva

Assistant Accountant – Mrs. T D K Piyasoma

Assistant Internal Auditor- Mr.E.A.C Sampath

Main Product Lines

Edible Oils      :     B C C White Coconut Oil and Cooks Joy
Toilet Soap      :     Suvendra Herbal, Suvendra Floral, Sandal Wood, Coal Tar, Health Joy
Laundry Soap :     Sovereign Bar, Sno-wite
Disinfectants   :     Pynol
Washing Powder: Sno-Wite (1kg, 500g, 200g)
Dish Wash       :     both liquid and powder

B C C Product Portfolio

The present B C C product portfolio can be broadly categorized in to three distinct categories.  These being:

  1. Edible oils
  2. Soaps, Detergents and Disinfectants

Early company records show the natural evolution of the product category range.  Extraction of coconut oil from copra produced by products such as poonac for animal feed and a second extract of oil, inferior to the prime coconut oil extract, which was channeled for soap manufacture.   Since the closure of the extraction process, animal feed production came to a standstill.  BCC at present is a net buyer of coconut oil which it procures according to set quality standards for further processing/ refining and for its other product lines.Edible Oils
Although manufacture of coconut oil was carried on from the 1830’s, the manufacture of refined coconut oil commenced only in 1936 and was traded under the name ‘CocoLanka”.  The manufacture of ‘neutralized’ oil commenced in 1942 and the first lot of refined, odorless and colorless coconut oil was released to the market under the trade name ‘Cooks Joy” in 1944.

Currently the main products are White Coconut Oil and Cooks Joy.  The Company purchases coconut oil within parameters and standards specific to B C C and processes same to get the required product.  Filtering through pressure feed filters is the only process that is used to obtain White Coconut Oil while, a refining process is used for manufacturing Cooks Joy
Soap, Detergents & Disinfectants
Soap manufacture at B C C dates back to 1855 when soaps such as “Marine Soap”, “Bath Soap” and Hultsdorf Mills Soap” were manufactured using a 2 ton plant and exported.  Modernization of the plant came only in 1937 when new plant machinery was ordered and installed.  The outbreak of World War II and the non availability of fats and oils in Europe brought tremendous opportunity with millions of pounds of soap being supplied to the Admiralty and the then British Ceylon Corporation becoming the key supplier for soap all the way from Alexandria in Egypt to the Far East.  Of the present household brands produced by the Company, “Sno-Wite” was released to the trade in 1938 while brands such as “BCC Sandalwood” – 1943, “Coal Tar” – 1943, and “Sovereign Bar” the one time market leader as a laundry bar soap is currently leading B C C’s resurgence to the category.  Additionally, the company manufactures ‘soft soap’ primarily used by industrial entities for washing off grease and workshop related dirt and is sold in bulk.

Detergents & Disinfectants

For the purpose of this report Detergents, Disinfectants, and Dish-wash have been broadly categorized together.  The first manufacture of disinfectants and deodorants in the company started in 1939 with the introduction of Pynol and Marvel (no longer produced), while Sno-Wite was among the top 3 market leaders and pioneer in the powder based detergent segment with an equally long history.  Relatively new entrants in this category include B C C Dishwash liquid and powder.